Kamping at the Moke


Three Kampgrounds located right by the Mokelumne River. Primal kampsites along Salt Springs Reservoir Road. And for the truly adventurous, Wilderness Kamping. If you’re a kamper who enjoys getting back to the way things were, you will love kamping here with us. While we have one kampground, Mokelumne,  that can accommodate small RVs (22′ max), all of our kampsites are primitive at best. The three kampgrounds do have pit toilets, but that’s it. Anywhere you kamp, it is strictly pack-it-in, pack-it-out. From our “full accommodation” kampsites with pit toilets, to our primal camping with “access via Ellis Road” to wilderness kamping, where it is a long hike or paddle, with no engines or even power tools. People like to equate our Wilderness Camping to Naked and Afraid.



Three campgrounds, Mokelumne, Moore Creek and White Azalea, that offer free camping right on the Mokelumne River.


  • Pit Toilets
  • Picinic Tables
  • Fire Rings

Primal Kampsites

Our Primal Kampsites offer the feel of dispersed kamping with the convenience of being right off of Salt Springs Reservoir Road.


  • Road Access
  • River Access
  • Remote Feel


Wilderness Kamping

Want a place to kamp where you have to hike in and be on your own, testing your wilderness skills? The Wilderness Kamping is for you!


  • No Motors
  • On Your Own
  • Back to Nature

The Kampgrounds

There are three fantastic kampgrounds available here at the Mokelumne River Recreation Area that spans the Eldorado and Stanislaus Forests. Let the adventure of a lifetime, with memories to match, start right at your kampsite located on the famous Mokelumne River. See all that the area, including the historical parts, has to offer. Be prepared, as all of the Kampgrounds have only pit-toilets, and are strictly pack-it-in, pack-it-out. So if this sounds right for you, select your kampground, reserve your kampsite and let you and your family’s adventure begin!


Mokelumne Kampground is first Kampground you find as you make the trek down Ellis Road. It has 16 kampsites available. This is our only Kampground that has limited, small (22′ max) RV sites.

  • 16 Kampsites
  • Eldorado Forest
  • 2 pit toilets

Go There!

Moore Creek

Moore Creek offers a great swimming hole as well as extra space between the kampsites. A long-time favorite of families, some of whom boast being “third-generation” kampers here. This is the only kampground of ours located in the Stanislaus Forest.

  • 14 Kampsites
  • Stanislaus Forest
  • 2 pit toilets

White Azalea

While it is the smallest of our Kampgrounds in available kampsites, it may be the largest when it comes to a great kamping experience. Every kampsite is exceptionally large, ending your exciting day with a quiet night’s sleep.

  • 8 Kampsites
  • Eldorado Forest
  • 1 pit toilet
What is your way to kamp?

Primal Kampsites

The Primal Kampsite experience is between the experience of kamping at one of our three kampgrounds and a full “Naked and Afraid”-style Wilderness Kamping (with cloths). There are no pit-toilets or toilets of any kind, nor any neighbors next door. While this is rugged kamping, all of the Primal Kampsites do offer one ammentity, they are within easy walking distance from Salt Springs Reservoir Road. Make your reservation early if you want one on the river!


Naked and Afraid

Looking to test your wilderness skills? Wilderness Kamping will test you against Mother Nature herself. Some say it was our WIlderness Area that inspired the hit TV show “Naked and Afraid”. There are no motorized vehicles of any kind allowed. Even power tools are banned from the wilderness area. So, if you think you have what it takes, head on out to your Wilderness Area, but remember to keep your cloths on!