From Baja To 400 Miles North of The Arctic Circle

We built the Micki’s predecessor and it has been tested in some of the worst places on earth. In fact, it rolled its way from Puertecitos to Gonzaga Bay on what was the worst rated road on earth. Then it went from San Felipe Baja, where the Baja 500 originated, to Inuvik, Canada, located 400 miles north of the Arctic Circle. It was driven for 3 1/2 months all across North Western Canada and Alaska to places where, if you broke down, you would most likely not make it back. We carried not only solar power, but the tools to help insure we would make it back, and we did.

Our power-station then made numerous trips throughout Baja and finally back to Massachusetts, where it was sold. The Micki was designed with the same toughness as its predecessor. However, it is doubtful that any Micki will ever be used in as rugged terrain as its predecessor was used. This use spanned over 4 years where it delivered constant power, even with no sun. This was due to the inverter auto-starting the generator to charge the batteries when they dropped to a low voltage. This same inverter style is used in the Micki. The only problems we had with the power-station were a few flat tires driving the Dempster Highway to Inuvik.

The pre-Micki

Water From A Pond and Underground Stream

Water Source

Water first has to be drawn from a lake, stream or underground. The Pump shown below was designed to draw irrigation water to our family farm back in Cape Cod Massachusetts. Water had to be drawn from 30′ – 40′  in the pond where it was deep enough, then up a 40′ hill and 200′ to the four water sprinklers that irrigated the farm. The system also had to work with as little electricity as possible. As a pump powerful enough to pump and distribute the water would require significant power, we designed an on-demand pump with a small storage tank that would only go on if a faucet was turned on. This worked for an entire growing season until we came back out West. We sold it to a farm down Cape in Harwich where it was used for years. Additionally it was used as the  model for numerous additional clones for other  growing areas.

Water Purification

In Baja we had water from an underground stream. The problem was that the camp owner dug the well too close to the Sea of Cortez. This caused a high saline content. We also had to deal with a less than sanitary holding tank that distributed the water. We ran the same basic system as we proposed for the Micki. A series of specialized filters, pressure tank used for pressure and a place where chlorine could be absorbed by the water. This would then be split to household water, and drinking water where it was run through an ultriviolent light and Reverse Osmosis System. We tested the water weekly and it was not only above any standards for humans, but tasted great, as we ran it through active charcoal filters.

Combining For The Micki

By using the pump which can be connected to a water source by a hose, the pressure tank as an absorption area and our proven decontamination system of filters, UV light and Reverse Osmosis, we have no doubt as to how well the Micki’s water system will perform.

Irrigation Pump

Irrigation Pump
Irrigation Pump